• GST and Shared Workspaces- Trends that are going to prevail

    Shared workspaces and co-working spaces are fully furnished modern day workspaces equipped with all the amenities essential for you to get your business started, and are the newest trends in the market. It is an affordable option for a company to have a valid office address and at the same time not burning holes in […]

  • Well-Furnished Co-Working Spaces For Fun And Productivity

    Mumbai, one of the most glamorous and wealthiest cities in the country, attracts professionals from various fields. If you are a freelancer or an owner of a small business, trying to make it big in the City of Dreams, then co-working spaces can help you be more productive and have fun while working. While freelancers […]

  • The Lure of Flexible Virtual Office Spaces in Modern India

    The idea of shared workspace Mumbai has given a major impetus to the start-up culture in Mumbai and even other Metro cities of India. An understanding of this concept will help a lot of individuals and new firms.

    For the entrepreneur of today, working capital and liquidity will always remain a challenge. This is especially […]

  • Finding Spacious Yet Affordable Shared Office Space In Mumbai

    The Financial and economic nerve center of India has a real estate commercial value which is highest in the country and in Asia. The office space available for rent   in the main commercial areas of the city can be very pinching and any move to the suburbs will be a hurdle in terms of commuting. […]

  • Why Today’s IT Businesses Are Shifting to Coworking Spaces

    Coworking is the latest trend in the style of working, where individuals share the same office space with strangers under the same roof. This practice is perfect for the freelancers and budding entrepreneurs; but is also spreading rapidly to more and more large-scale businesses today, especially in the IT sector.

    Keeping in sync with the latest […]

  • Co Working space benefits in new age economy

    The need for shared workspaces
    The age of start-ups and freelancers has arrived in India and is here to stay.  The digital economy has spawned a breed of start-up culture hitherto unknown and unseen.

    The immediate result of all this is the need for a workspace at an affordable cost.  So, this is where shared office […]

  • What Makes The Best Co-Working Spaces In Mumbai?

    Are you tired of your cramped office space?

    Do you crave for the luxury of coffee and Wi-Fi at your workplace?

    Would you do anything to work at a place that does not feel like a jail?

    Well then, you should move to a co-working space. Co-working spaces are the new trend in working places. These virtual office […]

  • Co-working Spaces – The Latest Concept of Networking

    With the increasing trend of startups and freelancing, the idea of co-working or sharing works spaces is gaining popularity among young professionals in India.

    A Co-Working Space offers a casual yet productive environment where professionals can perform their work with minimal stress. Not only budding entrepreneurs and freelancers but also corporate organizations are now leaning […]

  • How Co-Working And Start-Ups Give Us Major Friendship Goals!

    Own a start-up company? Then you must have considered the prospect of renting coworking space already. Co-working spaces help start-up businesses save on a variety of costs, mainly electricity and rents. Real estate costs make up for almost 9-12 percent of a company’s corporate budget. For a start up office, this fraction can […]

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