• What Makes The Best Co-Working Spaces In Mumbai?

    Are you tired of your cramped office space?

    Do you crave for the luxury of coffee and Wi-Fi at your workplace?

    Would you do anything to work at a place that does not feel like a jail?

    Well then, you should move to a co-working space. Co-working spaces are the new trend in working places. These virtual office […]

  • Co-working Spaces – The Latest Concept of Networking

    With the increasing trend of startups and freelancing, the idea of co-working or sharing works spaces is gaining popularity among young professionals in India.

    A Co-Working Space offers a casual yet productive environment where professionals can perform their work with minimal stress. Not only budding entrepreneurs and freelancers but also corporate organizations are now leaning […]

  • How Co-Working And Start-Ups Give Us Major Friendship Goals!

    Own a start-up company? Then you must have considered the prospect of renting coworking space already. Co-working spaces help start-up businesses save on a variety of costs, mainly electricity and rents. Real estate costs make up for almost 9-12 percent of a company’s corporate budget. For a start up office, this fraction can […]

  • Benefits for individuals and small businesses

    Are you planning to start out on your own venture, by quitting your regular 9-to-5 job? Do you dream of owning a huge office someday? Now, if you have your small business venture to prop up and a handful of employees too, then obviously renting out a dedicated sprawling office area at the very start […]

  • 8 Ways To Help You Build A Community In A Shared Workspaces

    Contrary to the popular belief, offices are not about 9-to-5 strict schedules and black and white desk places, with people going about their jobs like robots! Co-Working Spaces, the latest emerging trend, have effectively shattered all stereotypical notions today. Shared workplaces can be the melting pot of an equally diverse breed of distinct professionals like […]

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